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Why we are better than Microsoft FSX or any other flight sims!

Solution Microsoft Flight Sim X is a great game in its own right but ProFlightSimulator is better in several aspects.

- We have currently over 150+ aircrafts to choose from and our database is growing. (we add planes on a monthly basis and you can get them for free as a member)

- We have the entire world scenery to explore. Our monthly updates includes updated real-life objects and landscapes to fully enhance realism. No other flight sim in the market provide updates as fast or as accurate as we do.

We have a paid team of full-time scenery developers working 24/7 to model real landscapes and objects based on Google Maps.

- Also, unlike other flight sim games, there are no add-on costs or hidden costs. Members have lifetime access to all updates and new features. There are no hidden or recurring costs you have to pay for new modules.

- We are constantly developing the game to make it better with new features all the time. Microsoft is much slower in producing updates as they are a large company. As a smaller outfit and a tighter development unit, we are much more responsive and committed to make this the BEST flight simulator.

- We provide *stellar* after-sales support. (Have you tried contacting Microsoft FSX support? They are non-existent.)

I hope I've convinced you enough to try out ProFlightSimulator. Go order today and see for yourself why we're fast becoming the #1 flight simulator.

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